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There is an unprecedented high demand for guns and ammo, and many manufacturers are unable to keep up with the demand. You may encounter delays in shipping or the unavailability of inventory. While many orders can and will be shipped promptly, there may be disruptions in the supply chain beyond our control that can increase the time it takes to ship your order. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these times.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase rifle ammo and at least 21 years old to purchase handgun ammo. There can be grey areas regarding what is considered handgun ammo and what is considered rifle ammo. We do not sell ammo online.

Legally, when an individual wants to buy a firearm through the mail, they must have it shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.
First, choose a local gun dealer or other FFL holder in your area and get their permission to have a firearm shipped to them from ParaCon Tactical and agree with their transfer charge.
Next, you will place your order with ParaCon Tactical, using the "FFL Search" or filling in their FFL information on the checkout page.
After placing your order you will have your FFL send ParaCon Tactical a current, signed copy of their FFL to support@paracontactical.com ,referencing your name and order #.
When your FFL receives your firearm, they will contact you and you will fill out a form 4473 with them and they would then do the background check and transfer the firearm to you for your agreed upon transfer fee.

IMPORTANT: Its the customer's responsibility to check, prior to placing your order, to ensure the product you are ordering meets all local, state and federal laws for your area.

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